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(Sept. 6, 2017)



Sure did hate to miss this James Rogers show at Riverbend Sat, June 17th...
but MANY THANKS to Pam Womack and Carolyn Shell, for sharing their photos with us!!




(JUST ADDED 5-23-17)



Just added 5-19-17


This just in!!


James is performing at Riverbend this summer
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
For more info go to their website:




I hope you all got to see this telethon on TV
and maybe you got a glimpse of our James Rogers
busily answering phones!

James Rogers and Dolly Parton the night of her Smoky Mt. Rise telethon.
It is estimated now that the event raised $15 million.
James said: "I was very honored to be asked to be part of it!"


(Just added 02-12-17)


  Tuesday, December 13th at 8 PM ET 

Our friend James Rogers will be manning the phones in Nashville for this event with Dolly.

Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit telethon by Dolly Parton For The "My People Fund".

We hope everyone will consider a donation for the people effected by the fires in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Dolly Parton will be joined by friends Reba McEntire, Alison Krauss, Kenny Rogers and many more as they come together to support a cause that's very personal to Dolly.

Tuesday, December 13th at 8 PM ET for Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit For The My People Fund.

You can tune in at Great American Country, RFD-TV, axs, The Heartland Network or on Facebook LIVE!




Just added to James' show schedule!!

March 26, 2017

James will perform for the "4th Sunday at 4PM" Event

Christ Episcopal Church

912 South Beach Blvd

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Open and Free to the public
Contact: Chairman 228-467-0106

Click here for complete info!!


James was on "3 Plus You" channel 3 out of Chattanooga on
Nov. 10, 2016 in promotion for his show for Shriners Hospital.
Thurs. November 17TH
Shrine Temple

Check out the video by clicking any of the pics below!

Call 423-892-0223 for ticket info!


I'm very excited about the James Rogers show for Shriners at the Shrine Temple in Chattanooga, TN.
Since James' retirement from Dollywood, he has been enjoying the new world of 'Grandparenting'!
This has had an impact on his traveling performances.
James has canceled his annual Christmas concert to instead do this event for the Shriners Hospital at the Shriners Temple in Chattanooga.

NOTE from Debbie: "It is a very worthy cause and we hope everyone can come.
Not saying for SURE...but we are enjoying retirement and the grand kids so much, this may be one of his last ones."

Below you will find all the details about this special show.
I do hope to see MANY of you there!

Thurs. November 17TH  

Shrine Temple

For Shriners Hospital


Additional Information Can Be
Obtained From The Alhambra Shrine
Call 423-892-0223 or email.
Here's a link to their website:


It is general seating and the doors open at 5:30 and the show begins at 7:00.
(thank you Carolyn Shell for this additional info)

Click Here for a very interesting article about this particular show. You'll want to read all about it.





I was recently shocked to find out that we've lost another great Friend of James Rogers.
So sad to know this and our sincere condolences to you, Donna and your family.

Skip was a very special friend and will be greatly missed.



This showtime is 2PM EST!!

New addition to the SHOW SCHEDULE!!

Sunday Afternoon
October 16TH  

Festival at Ketners Mill

Whitwell, TN

CALL: 423-267-5702

See their website:




It was so much fun together with James and the crew!

2016 Friendship Cruise Group

I am currently working on a new page for our website to share more pictures and info.
If any of you have pics to share, please send them to me.

(Just added 10-1-16)



(Just added 9-10-16)


James and I are VERY EXCITED to announce that our
Jolly Skadoodle-I-Day children's book is NOW AVAILABLE to order!!!

You can order your copy by sending $22.50 (which includes postage and handling) to:

James Rogers
P.O. BOX 159

Amazon , Ebay, and Barnes and Noble !!!!


We have a clip from James' Sat., April 16th show in Marion VA.
Click here to view video!

(Just added 4-21-16)


Sharing this March 5, 2016 post from Debbie Rogers:

James Rogers at the Ronald McDonald telethon at Ronald McDonald House.
Please contribute to a very worthy cause and one that James has supported for many years.
We are lucky to have not ever required there services. Please be generous.



James' CD with Dolly Parton, "Beyond The Call" is NOW available!

If you want to order it by mail, the cost is $22.00.

(That includes the postage)

Send your order to:

James Rogers

P.O. Box 159

Rock Spring, GA







See this VIDEO of "Brand New Day" on YouTube!!

Awesome, beautifully performed song by James with spectacular photos by photographer Deane Dozier.

(just added 6-5-15)


If you haven't seen this, you do NOT want to miss it!

(VIDEO-BeyondTheCall.mov - 98.8MB)

"Beyond the Call"



(Just added 4-21-15)



*click above scroll to bottom of page to order*


I no longer have the PO address that was on my old business cards.
If you need to send correspondence please send to:
Freda Shepherd
129 Shepherd Rd.
Cordova, AL 35550

or email me at:



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