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JUST ADDED 11-12-19





Hartwell, GA
New date to be announced later!!



Ok, looks like these folks had a WONDERFUL time.
Check it out!!!

(Just added 11-7-19)


117 E Main St
Phone: 276-783-6092


"Our First United Methodist Church afterschool childrens choir will be singing with James
and our Marion Senior High School choir will also be performing.
Challenger from American Eagle Foundation will be featured at the concert too!
This is also a fundraiser for Dolly Partons Imagination Library project for our children in Smyth County.
Our Smyth County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a chance for people
to win some free Dollywood tickets and all proceeds will go to the Smyth County Imagination Library project!
It is going to be a great concert and a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season together!
Hope to see you there!"

Looks like this is gonna be ONE GREAT TIME!!!

(Just added-11/7/19)


We have a few photos and a video from James' show in Cumberland, Maine.
Click below to check them out!

(JUST ADDED 10-3-2019)



(JUST ADDED 9/17/20)


Thanks to Mark David Black for passing along this message from the folks in charge of the
James Rogers Shows at Country Tonite:

At James Rogers show this coming Friday night (Sept. 20th 2019) at Country Tonite Theater,
Challenger along with Dollywood Eagle foundation will be selling
T-shirts to raise money for the Eagle Foundation.
They will also have stickers and commemorate silver Eagle coins and will offer
...before the show and for a donation, picture opportunities with Challenger.
The Eagle foundation has not missed an opportunity to bring an eagle
every month this year to country Tonite shows and we want to sa
to them for their time and efforts.

(JUST ADDED 9/17/20)


Your participation is needed in a project to honor our Veterans.
The folks in charge of James' shows at Country Tonite are wanting to start gathering information of any MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS in ALL the families of fans.
Please send names, type of service, dates and pictures.
They plan to make a video to play at a special James Rogers Veterans show to honor the incredible sacrifice by these heroes in keeping our freedoms alive!
Everyone is encouraged to take part in this great effort!
You can send them directly to Mark David Black via Facebook Messenger, EMAIL
hpmanagermark@gmail.com or you can send them to me (Freda Shepherd) either on Facebook or email at rfs2@bellsouth.net and I'll get them to him.

A note from Mark David Black:
"This will be a collection of names and info for a while so All can have plenty of time to participate.. Lets set deadline for November 8th 2019....
This is being put together thru James Rogers Show to be shown at County Tonite as well as other shows... This may be info we use even next year as we want a professional quality presentation and don't want to rush and make things cheaply produced.
Any information can also be brought to the next 2 shows at country Tonite and given to Sandra Black or Mark David Black ...please have it all written down for us ahead of time and bring any pictures you want to include too.
My email is hpmanagermark@gmail.com
Contact me with any questions
Thank you All for your help."

(JUST ADDED 9/17/20)



Check IT OUT!

(Just added 9-6-19)

Here are the pics from last year's awesome Halloween Costume Party Show!
Click on link image below



Just added!! More info on the Hartwell, GA show!!
Thank you James Fulghum for this great info!

(Just added 9-4-19)


Check out the new addition to our SHOW SCHEDULE!



Due to scheduling difficulties, the Ketner's Mill

show has been canceled.



Check out this AWESOME video!

(Just Added 6-28-19)


Are you guys ready for some FUN????

James and Debbie have lined up another FUN cruise!!!

(click link below)






Had a couple of corrections brought to my attention on the Cumberland Fair Grounds Show.

It's CUMBERLAND, MAINE (not Portland)
and...COUNTY fair (not State)
Sorry about that!



I finally finished the new page for James' Award Ceremony and Hall of Fame Induction.
Many thanks to Jack and Gale Haggard, Steve Bernards and James for these pics (If I've left anyone off, please let me know)and videos.

Just added (5-2-19)




We've lost many wonderful friends in the past few years...with 3 of them being just last year, 2018.
I've been meaning to get those announcements uploaded.

I do hope I've got all those notifications included in the page below:
(If I've left someone off, please forgive and let me know)






 James Rogers is being inducted into the 
North America Country Music Hall Of Fame!
Country Tonite
Pigeon Forge, Tn
Saturday, March 16, 2019
7:30 Pm

129 Showplace Blvd
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Phone: 865-453-2003
Email to: sales@countrytonitepf.com

James' performance and award presentation will be the same night!

Both on Saturday!
(WORD IS: He may do 3 songs!
There are a lot of artists being honored !)


(Just updated 2/21/2019)







(Just added 9-10-16)


James and I are VERY EXCITED to announce that our
Jolly Skadoodle-I-Day children's book is NOW AVAILABLE to order!!!

You can order your copy by sending $22.50 (which includes postage and handling) to:

James Rogers
P.O. BOX 159

(Just added 4-21-16)


James' CD with Dolly Parton, "Beyond The Call" is NOW available!

If you want to order it by mail, the cost is $22.00.

(That includes the postage)

Send your order to:

James Rogers

P.O. Box 159

Rock Spring, GA



If you haven't seen this, you do NOT want to miss it!

(VIDEO-BeyondTheCall.mov - 98.8MB)

"Beyond the Call"



(Just added 4-21-15)


*click above scroll to bottom of page to order*


I no longer have the PO address that was on my old business cards.
If you need to send correspondence please send to:
Freda Shepherd
129 Shepherd Rd.
Cordova, AL 35550

or email me at:



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