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It’s a brand new day- the sun is shining clear
And I’m on my way - to somewhere far from here
And I don’t know - when I’ll get there
Fast or slow - I don’t care

It’s a brand new chance - at what tomorrow brings
There’s a brand new dance -  there’s a brand new song to sing
And I’ll do my best to sing it loud
To stand the test  and sing it proud



Because I’m thankful
For this life I’m livin’
And a chance to do God’s will along the way
Yes, I’m thankful
For the blessings I’ve been given
And I’m thankful for this brand new day



There’s a brand new me - a brand new point of view
There’s so much to see - There’s still so much to do
Lord help me know - the path to take
Which way to go the choice to make




And I’m thankful for this brand new day



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