~~Cruising With James Rogers~~
March 6-12, 2011



I can't begin to describe what a great time this cruise was!
Being able to reconnect with some great friends, and spend time with them..
.. along with James and his family, was simply wonderful!

We boarded the ship Sunday, March 6th, in Charleston, SC.
That evening, James performed at a
'Private Concert'/Welcome Aboard Party, just for us.
Every evening, we were ALL together in the 'Jubilee Dining Room' for dinner.

Monday, was a "Fun Day At Sea" as we made our way to
Nassau, Bahamas where many of us had scheduled excursions and other fun activities! Everyone knows to be "back on board" when that ship's horn sounds....and then it's back to sailing!

Wednesday, bright and early...we arrived at Freeport Bahamas, where again...many had arranged for fun activities. Even if you didn't get off the ship at either port, there were always lots of great things to do..even if it was just relax in the sun on the Lido deck, or grab a bite of pizza with good friends! ;-)

Thursday was KEY WEST day! What an interesting and fun place!
That evening, we all enjoyed another great 'Private Concert' by James!

Friday was another great "Fun Day At Sea" while we made our way back to Charleston, and the end of our fun filled vacation and this wonderful week.
If you didn't get to go on this one, hopefully you'll make plans to go
NEXT YEAR, when we will be cruising to MEXICO...February 25, 2012...
(I'll post more info on that later, so keep checking back)

I have a few ;-) photos that I took during the week.
I have placed them on seperate pages, for more convenient downloading.


(Thanks to Deb Stanton, we have 3 photos for the day we sailed!)












If you have any photos or comments about this cruise that you'd like to share with us, please send them in to me.


Music playing is James' "Fools Rush In" from his album "My Heart Beats There Too".
Music file is compressed for internet use, and shorter download time, so is not best quality sound.
Please visit James' website or attend his shows and purchase his music.

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