James Rogers

Honorary Honor Guard Award

If you were in the audience for James' first show of the day on Saturday, October 24, 2009,
you are aware that there was a special award presentation made to him at the conclusion of that show.
As a total surprise to James, Volunteer state veterans came on stage at Dollywood with 10 people in full dress uniform,

one from each branch of military service and each with their branch flag.
They named him an honorary honor guard member for his work to promote and honor veterans.

James shared some photos that were given to him, of that special event so we all can enjoy them.


HonorGuardAward JamesVetHonorGuardAward





A very SPECIAL thank you to Marcia Long for these next 7 photos!!

It was so very nice of her  to get them to me...and I DO appreciate them so much.
THANK YOU, Marcia!
Also thanks to Kirk Thomas for helping me gather information about this special day.

HonorGrd4 HonorGrd5

HonorGrd6 HonorGrd7


HonorGrd9 HonorGrd10

I thought you all might like to see the clipping from the Tuesday, Oct.27, 2009 edition of  "The Mountain Press".
Many thanks to Lynn Brownell and to editor Stan Voit for permission.

We are so very proud of you, James!

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