It's Happy Christmas Time
by James Rogers



Old Santa Claus Is Happy Because
It's Christmas
Down At The Store There's Shoppers Galore
It's Christmas
Fireplaces Glow ~~~~~ Kids Pray For
To make the whole world

Evergreens full of lights
That twinkle in the night

Grandma is wrapping ~~~~ Grandpa is napping
It's Christmas
Church Choirs Singing ~~~~ Bells Are A-ringing
It's Christmas

Colorful Treats ~~~~ And Good Things to Eat
For Friends Will Be Stopping By


Eggnog and Pumpkin Pie
Retying Family Ties


The Best Time of Year ~~~ So Glad It's Here
It's Happy Christmas Time!


Bright Greeting Cards~~~~ Carolers in the Yard
It's Christmas!


Presents and toys For the good girls and boys

It's Christmas


Specials on TV The ones that we've seen
A hundred times before

The ones that we adore
We'll watch 'em just once more


The best time of year
We're glad that it's here

Oh it's happy Christmas time



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