Just Me
James Rogers

It's Just Me
I only called to say hello
I thought you might like to know
Life hasn't changed here much, that you could see
Yeah, it's true,
It ain't the same here without you
Once upon a time we were two
Now, it's just me

You and me
Had somethin' special way back then
Oh there I go again...
Thinking about the way it..used to be
My friends they say
Stop holding on to yesterday
It's crazy wastin' time that way...
But that's...just me

What ever happened to all the dreams
We once had
Back when life was just a song
Oh how could you ever think that I'd
Forget that..?
How did something right seem to...
Go so wrong?

It's Just Me
Lying here an' missin' you
Hoping that your dreams come true
You'll be happy...as you can be
Don't forget
I'm really not that hard to find
If you think you'd like to spend some time
With Just Me

Just Me



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