Notes From James
Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another eagle release!
Our friend, James Rogers was again...a part of an exciting day, July 27th, in the releasing of TWO Bald Eaglets!

One, was released in honor of fallen soldier, Army Cpl. Jason D. Hovator, in Afghanistan.
What a great honor to be involved in such a thrilling experience!


(Just added 11-19-10)

James received a note from long time friend...Al Cecere, Founder and President of the American Eagle Foundation...
...concerning a video, that is being produced of this particular eagle release event.

Mr. Cecere sent a link to the updated (but still in progress) video and also says this to James:
....."This is the first edit (not final yet) of the eaglet release that you participated in Honoring Cpl. Jason Hovator...
a brave and honorable young man/soldier.
.....I thought you'd enjoy seeing what we've done so far.
"Hero In Our Eyes" is an amazing and inspirational song.
I can't resist shedding a tear or two every time I hear it.
Thank you for writing it to honor the courageous men and women who serve (and die) for our Country,
and I appreciate you coming to the eaglet release to sing it for Jason's wife and other family members.

God bless you my good friend.

American Eagle Foundation

(SO SORRY....I just found out that the video is not available at this site now. I'll try to find out where it can be found now.)


hacking tower
Up on the 'hacking tower'


video crew




James sings "Hero In My Eyes"
James singing "Hero In My Eyes"



group photo
James..with the family of fallen soldier, Jason Hovator,
(the family named one eaglet "Norris")
and a representative from an elementary school in Missouri
(the school children named the other "Mayflower").





Thank you, Ralph Shell, for these photos!