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Sunday, June 9th
American Eagle Foundation
510 Kodak Road
Kodak, TN 37764

I am planning a fundraiser for the AEF at the AEF (American Eagle Foundation) on Sunday June 9th (afternoon).
We did one the other day and we invited some American Legion people from the area but we did not know how many were coming.
We wanted to keep it small, but we were disappointed in the turn out. So for June 9th we will do it differently.
The tickets are FREE, but in order to get in you will need to be on a list that I will be keeping.
People can either email me (jamsrogers@aol.com) or call me (865) 335 3857... and reserve a seat or multiple seats for friends, family, etc.
It will be a wonderful chance for people to see our new home for the largest collection of (non-releasable) American Bald Eagles in the world.
While here they can schedule a tour and visit our 10 million dollar facility including our historical museum.

I really hope to see my friends there.

American Eagle Foundation
510 Kodak Road
Kodak, TN 37764

(JUST ADDED, May 21, 2024)





We are working to get more products available for purchase at this website.
Please bear with us.

If you have something in mind that you'd like to order or ask about, please email me .

You can NOW purchase your personal FAVORITE James Rogers songs individually

James will explain it all on the new page we have just uploaded!!






For James's "Home For Christmas" show
at the Colonnade in Ringgold, GA.


(JUST ADDED 10-20-2023)




(Just added 9/28/23)


You will LOVE reading all about James' INCREDIBLE experience attending the Medal Of Honor Presentation
at the White House with Captain Larry Taylor!!

Just click the above image link
(Just added 9-24-23)


See the poster for James' PRE-Veteran's Day Show!
Click image below!

(Just added Sept 5, 2023)


Updated INFO!!

We have some updated info on James' Show Schedule!!
Please check it all out by clicking the link below:

Find all info on our Show Schedule Page


"Note From James"!!

(Just added-June 21, 2013)


We have some new (and in James' words) " upcoming “things”…
I say “things” because they aren’t necessarily shows or musical products."

A New addition to the show schedule!



(In this new note from James, you will learn more about how to help the
American Eagle Foundation and one of their new projects)

(Just added May 23, 2023)


Country Tonite Theatre
Friday October 27, 2023

James will be performing at Country Tonite Theatre!

It will be close to Halloween so folks can dress up if they want to.

Country Tonite Theatre
129 Showplace Blvd,
Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Call (865) 453-2003

(Just added 4-13-2023)



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I no longer have the PO address that was on my old business cards.
If you need to send correspondence please send to:
Freda Shepherd
129 Shepherd Rd.
Cordova, AL 35550

or email me at:



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