Notes From James

October 15th, 2013


It was great seeing everyone at the Smith Family Theater on October 11th...
I will look forward again to seeing even more folks for my Christmas show on December 21st!

On Sunday morning Oct. 13, I was a guest at Cowboy Church that is held at the Comedy Barn...
it was a great experience and I look forward to doing it again sometime.

On Saturday night October 12th,
Debbie and I went to see the new Bob Nelson Comedy Show at his theater...
being a fan of his for about 30 years and knowing the extent of his talent and fame.
It was surprising to me that we got such great seats!
I know that as the word gets around it will become more difficult to just waltz right in the way we did...

I did not know that I would get to meet the man that my entire family had enjoyed for so many years,
starting with an HBO special that I recorded on VHS back in the 80's.
Since then he has done so many things and has become a big star,
so I thought it would be just a thank you for coming from the stage
and then an 'Elvis has left the building' type announcement.
but it was not like that at all!
He and his wife were very personable and warm,
and with just a small crew he handles just about everything on stage.

Well, I laughed my self silly reliving some of the old routines and enjoying all the new stuff and adlibs!
It was great and if you have never seen him or heard him live...
I encourage all of you to do will not be sorry!

Thank you Bob Nelson for a great show...
My family have been and are still huge fans...we love you

Oct. 12, 2013




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