Knowing James Rogers and loving him, and his music, has brought together many friendships that otherwise would not have come about.
Over the many years that we, as "Friends of James Rogers" have been associated with each other, some of us have become very close friends and stay in touch with each other regularly.
Others of us, know and care about each other, and even though we aren't in contact often, are very concerned and interested in knowing what's going on with our fellow fan club members.

Also....quite often, there is NEWS that we all enjoy learning about, concerning James, his song writing, singing engagements, special performances and involvements, etc.
I thought it would be good to have particular pages dedicated to making special announcements and sharing news with each other.




The flooding in Nashville, last week, was an amazing and unbelievable disaster.
As many of us know, James and Debbie's daughter, Heather, lives there, and her home and property, were involved in the flooding.
However..we are so very thankful and pleased to be able to report that she is safe, and doing well.



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If you have items of interest to share with other members, please..pass them on to me, and I'll post them here.









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